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Family & Friends of residents at any Kintock residential program can order commissary and/or deposit money onto a resident’s commissary accounts online at:

How To Order 

  1. Select the Send Money Now or Gift Packs Tab

  2. Select the State and Facility from the dropdown menus

  3. Enter the residents name and click Search

  4. Click on the Residents name

  5. Enter your email address to create a new account and follow the on screen directions

  6. Locate the items you wish to purchase, enter the quantity and click on add to add it to your cart

  7. Once done, click the View Cart button at the top of the page

  8. Enter a payment method 

  9. Click on Checkout


If sending money, funds are made available to the residents immediately after the credit card is processed. Funds can be deposited by way of the internet or through a lobby ATM machine.  A deposit can be made using a Mastercard or VISA credit card or bank debit card.  For more information, please contact the specific Kintock location.  

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