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Family & Friends of residents at any Kintock residential program can order commissary and/or deposit money onto a resident’s commissary accounts online at:

Make deposits, send messages,* or schedule visitations* anytime, from any device

How To Make an Online Deposit  Using

  1. Start by selecting the state where the individual is located

  2. Select the Facility the individual is currently housed

  3. Choose the deposit type or service you would like to use

  4. Select the first letter of the individual's last name and find their name

  5. Enter the amount of money for the deposit and enter your payment information


If sending money, funds are made available to the residents immediately after the credit card is processed. Funds can be deposited by way of the internet or through a lobby ATM machine.  A deposit can be made using a Mastercard or VISA credit card or bank debit card.  For more information, please contact the specific Kintock location.  

Due to licensing issues, we are unable to accept remote deposits from New York state. We are attempting to work through this issue.  If someone from New York would like to make a deposit onto a resident's account, we suggest mailing a money order to the facility or depositing money via the lobby kiosk while visiting the resident.

*In select programs/locations.

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