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Kintock Newark Announces Plans for A New Licensed Treatment Program for Residents with Substance Abuse Disorders

Kintock is excited to announce plans for a new program that will be designed to target the treatment needs of residents diagnosed with Substance Use Disorders (SUDS).  

In an exciting development in 2014, the New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC) and Department of Human Services (DHS) announced the formation of a pilot program for the provisional licensure of SUDS treatment programs operating within residential community release program (RCRP) halfway house facilities that contract with the NJDOC. Kintock Newark heeded the call to offer quality licensed therapeutic services and is prepared to provide 70 slots for RCRP residents diagnosed with SUDS. The new program, the first of its kind, is expected to commence in January 2016 and will be conditionally licensed by the Office of Licensing (OOL) within the Department of Human Services (OHS) and the DHS Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS).

“All residents enrolled in the pilot program will have been diagnosed with a DSM-5 mental health disorder of Substance Use Disorder,” explained Cassandra Scott-Love, Treatment Program Director. “The new program will allow residents with criminogenic needs and a SUDS diagnosis to receive assessment and treatment concurrently; treatment will be facilitated by licensed and credentialed counselors,” added Ms. Scott-Love, who will oversee the program.

The program will be staffed by counselors licensed by the New Jersey Office of Attorney General Division of Consumer Affairs. “Our certified and licensed clinicians have undergone extensive training to prepare for the special needs of residents diagnosed with substance use disorder,” noted Ms. Scott-Love.

“The new program will focus on personalized, multicultural and highly interactive activities catered to the functional level of each resident, measured on a moderate outpatient continuum of care from moderate to severe outpatient treatment. The pilot program will be combined with the traditional treatment and work release, which will enhance the program services. This is a new frontier for the Kintock Group community release programs but we are up for the challenge,” said Ms. Scott-Love.

In addition to regular programming, which includes six hours of structured activity daily, SUDS residents will participate in substance use didactic lectures/education and process groups for a minimum of nine hours per week. The length of treatment will vary based on need, but will be approximately 90 to 120 days for outpatient treatment. Residents requiring a higher level of care, based on the assessment process, will be returned to the Department of Corrections.

“We are extremely excited at the opportunity to offer these services to residents and pleased to partner with the Department of Corrections on this important initiative. We believe the targeted treatment services available through our program will not only enhance the outcomes for residents returning to the community, but will ultimately aide Kintock and the Department of Corrections in achieving their shared goals of reducing relapse and recidivism,” said Gregory Bartowski, Site Administrator.

Kintock Newark Announces Plans for A New Licensed Treatment Program for Residents with Substance Abuse Disorders
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