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Kintock Corporate Headquarters Completes Expansion of Training Room

Kintock is excited to announce that it has completed the second and final phase of expansion of its training space at its corporate headquarters in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. The expansion includes a kitchen and mock training area with beds, lockers and metal detector to simulate the setting in Kintock’s facilities.

“We are very pleased with the completion of our corporate office expansion which has allowed us to hold more training programs, staff development and program meetings onsite,” explained Gretchen Wiseman, Chief Administrative Officer. “We believe that having the ability to provide newly employed staff with training in an environment that simulates the setting of a facility is beneficial and better prepares individuals for employment,” added Ms. Wiseman.

The new training space allows provide Kintock to better accommodate trainees and serves as the central location to conduct all company-wide training for Kintock’s employees. The 1,667 square feet-square foot addition comfortably accommodates approximately 20 participants. Since the company added the initial training space in spring of 2017, it has been able to provide training to approximately 114 Kintock employees. Kintock is also able to host Board meetings and other staff development initiatives in this new space.

“With Kintock’s program locations spread across the Northern and Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia areas, having the ability to host staff trainings at its centrally located corporate headquarters has allowed us to consolidate our training program and has been beneficial,” said Ms. Wisememan.

Kintock Corporate Headquarters Completes Expansion of Training Room
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