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Erie Avenue Facility Upgrades Computer Lab

Thanks to the implementation of a new server and desktop infrastructure within the Erie Avenue facility computer lab, residents will reap several benefits from Kintock’s upgrade. Gone are the large bulky monitors and computers that limit space for working.  The lab is now equipped with 20 LCD screens and thin clients.

“First and foremost, the residents now have more room on their desk for their paperwork as the new equipment takes up significantly less space,” said Mike Kuhn, Kintock’s Corporate Director of Information Technology.

“The lab will also be noticeably cooler as the new equipment only consumes about one-quarter of the power as the computer and CRT monitor,” added Mr. Kuhn.

Most important, “The thin clients also are more reliable and quieter since they have no moving parts, such as fans or hard drives,” said Mr. Kuhn.

Residents will still have access to all of the job skills programs that were available to them before, including life skills, typing, resume writing, and job searching techniques, which are provided through a structured curriculum that helps residents improve their skillset and obtain gainful employment.

Currently, Kintock’s computer labs in Bridgeton and Newark all use thin clients.

Increased Efficiency

“Thin clients are quiet, use less power, and get their screens from the central server. This allows for more efficient system management,” explained Mr. Kuhn.

“I can add a program or single icon on the server, and it immediately applies to all 20 stations,” he said.

“We are very pleased to implement this technology into our programs, wherever possible. We believe that the implementation of a server-based computing environment will be beneficial not only to the residents we serve but will also result in a more efficient and cost-effective management of our IT resources,” said Gretchen Wiseman, Chief Administrative Officer of Kintock.

Many organizations have reported substantial savings on support, hardware and upgrade costs. They have also reported spending less time on administration and end-user support after migrating to thin clients.

The Erie Avenue facility in Philadelphia provides residential reentry and work release services to county, state, and federal male and female residents preparing to transition back to the community.

Erie Avenue Facility Upgrades Computer Lab
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