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Employee Spotlight: Andrew Boehm, Parole Services Liaison at Bridgeton Site

Meet Andrew Boehm, a hard-working and dedicated employee who has been a member of Kintock's Bridgeton, NJ team for 17 years. During his tenure, Andrew’s commitment and versatility have allowed him to seamlessly transition across diverse roles, including Resident Supervisor, Lead Resident Supervisor, Assistant Manager of Operations, Transportation Supervisor, and, as of March, he was promoted to the position of Parole Services Liaison.

Site Administrator Marcos DeJesus attests to Andrew's exceptional team-oriented approach, highlighting his readiness to step in and assist colleagues across different programs.

“Andrew's willingness to offer support and take on responsibilities beyond his designated role showcases his dedication and initiative. He is the kind of employee who jumps in to help without being prompted, a true team player,” said Marcos.

“Andrew is not only a good person and a hard worker but also someone whose adaptability and dedication make him an invaluable asset to the team.” added Marcos.

Further, Marcos notes he is particularly impressed by Andrew's seamless transitions across various positions within Kintock. These roles, diverse in responsibilities, showcase Andrew's exceptional ability to adapt and communicate effectively. Andrew's adaptability and good communication skills have undoubtedly contributed to his success in navigating the multifaceted challenges of different roles within the organization.

One of the aspects Andrew enjoys most about his role is the dynamic nature of each day. He embraces the unpredictability, finding fulfillment in the variety of challenges and tasks that come his way. He is also quick to add that he has formed lifelong friendships with co-coworker during his time with Kintock.

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family and two children ages, 10 and 15 and visiting the NJ shore during summertime.

Employee Spotlight: Andrew Boehm, Parole Services Liaison at Bridgeton Site
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