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Deborah Oree

Corporate Director of Training and Diversity

Deborah became Kintock’s Corporate Director of Training and Cultural Diversity in October 2011 after previously serving as Corporate Director of Accreditation and Quality Assurance for the organization. In her present role, she spearheads Kintock’s staff training and development efforts, ensuring that all employees fulfill the requisite training consistent with contractual, accreditation, and safety and security standards.


Deborah has more than 30 years of experience in the community corrections’ non-profit sector. She joined Kintock in 1988 and has held several management positions since then, including Corporate Director of the company’s Employment Services Program.

As a skilled trainer and excellent communicator, Deborah has presented workshops related to offender employment for the National Institute of Corrections and at conferences sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

Deborah currently holds several professional memberships and certifications. She is a Certified True Colors Trainer, a Certified CPR Instructor, and has completed ACA Auditor Training. She received a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Richard Stockton University, in New Jersey.


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