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Paterson CRC Relocates to a New Site

Kintock is excited to announce that its Paterson Community Resource Center (CRC) recently relocated to a brand-new site, providing us with enhanced opportunities to serve and support our clients through the reentry process.

Our New Home: A Hub of Empowerment

The new location of Kintock's CRC in Paterson was strategically chosen to be even more accessible and convenient for our clients and partners. Located at 100 Hamilton Plaza in Paterson, the new center located less than half of a mile from our previous location, will continue to offer critical reentry services to facilitate parolees’ successful reintegration back into the community. Among the services offered are assistance in the areas of employment, education, life-skills training, substance use disorder and mental health counseling, as well as referrals to community social service agencies.

“Kintock has been a part of the Paterson community for over twenty years. We’re thrilled to have found a new location designed to meet the diverse needs of the clients we serve” said Paul Taggines, COO of Kintock.

The move to our new site comes with a multitude of advantages, including expanded services and state-of-the-art facilities.

The new site includes:

Training and Skill Development Rooms: Equipped with modern technology and ample space to facilitate training sessions, empowering individuals to develop new skills and improve existing ones.

Counseling and Meeting Rooms: Providing private and comfortable areas where parolees can meet with their case manager for counseling and support for various challenges they may face.

Computer Lab: Equipped with up-to-date computer systems to facilitate digital literacy programs and online job searches.

Multi-purpose Dayroom:  A dedicated space for communal activities, equipped with tables, chairs, television and educational reading materials.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the CRC Program Director Shakir Griffith and each and every member of the Kintock Paterson team for their dedication and hard work, which has made this move possible,” said Walt Simpkins, CEO of Kintock.

Paterson CRC Relocates to a New Site
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