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Newark Employment Program Paves the Path for Success

Kintock’s Newark’s CRC helps pave the path for a successful transition from incarceration to the community by assisting clients in obtaining and maintaining employment.

“It has been clearly proven that employment and treatment are extremely important components of any successful re-entry initiative, and the Kintock Group [Newark CRC] excels in providing those components,” said Sean LaCon, Executive Director, BLESSED Ministries, Inc. (BMI), a human services employment agency.

For the past few years, The Kintock Group’s Newark CRC has worked with BMI in Newark, NJ, assisting clients in obtaining necessary skills and support services, and helping them find meaningful jobs, which enable them to re-enter the workforce and their respective communities.

Committment to Clients and the Community

“[Kintock’s] support has had a tremendous and positive impact on our programmatic outcomes. The Kintock Group is to be commended for their commitment to the city and residents of Newark,” added Mr. LaCon.

In addition to its relationship with BMI, the Newark CRC staff has built a solid reputation with several local employers and staffing agencies, as well as the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJLWD) personnel.

“These positive relationships have led to greater employment opportunities for our clients,” explained Pierre Francis, CRC Site Administrator.

“Based on their positive feedback and track record for employing our clients, agencies trust Kintock’s capacity to provide them with employees who have been appropriately trained to fulfill their employment-related needs,” he added.

High Employment Rate

The Newark CRC has historically maintained high employment rates; currently 65% of CRC program participants are actively employed. “Our high rate of employment is a direct result of having an exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable staff, as well as from having developed such positive relationships with employers,” noted Mr. Francis.

The Newark CRC is fortunate to have three Offender Workforce Development Specialists (OWDS) on its staff. These staff have all completed the 20-hour Offender Workforce Development Specialist training program, created by the National Career Development Association under the sponsorship of the National Institute of Corrections.

In addition, “The employers that Kintock has relationships with have been so pleased with the Kintock clients that they hire, that they regularly recruit new employees from the Newark CRC,” said Mr. Francis.

“This has been mutually beneficial to both the employer and clients alike as it allows for previously employed CRC clients to mentor newly hired CRC clients,” he added.

“Clients have benefited tremendously from our relationships with local employers. Employers have told our clients exactly what they’re looking for and what they expect during the interview process. For the CRC client, this has been a great opportunity to see how the application of the classroom instruction benefits them in a real workplace setting,” said James Agee, Employment Counselor, B.S., OWDS.

“Thanks to the CRC I was able to re-attain my driver’s license and obtained gainful employment. The Newark CRC helped prepare me for success and assisted me with my reentry back into the community. I was also able to start a small painting business with a partner while attending the CRC program.  I am now able to help provide for my family,” said one current CRC client.

“We look forward to continuing to build upon our strong community network to assist the clients we serve in fulfilling their employment needs,” said Mr. Francis.

Newark Employment Program Paves the Path for Success
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