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Newark CRC Passes DMHAS Audit

Kintock’s Newark CRC recently underwent its annual inspection by the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS). The purpose of the annual inspection is to monitor compliance with DMHAS requirements. The Newark CRC has been licensed by DMHAS since 2007.

“We had zero findings and the auditor was very complimentary of the program and stated the charts were perfect,” said Robinette Arthur, CRC Director “The auditor also loved how Kintock staff are utilizing SecurManage™, which made it very easy for her to review all of the necessary documentation. She said that she will be sharing the system with other agencies so they can hopefully move to an electronic-based file system,” she added.

“Congratulations to Robinette Arthur, CRC Director, and all of the staff who contributed to the successful audit. It was a job well done,” said Paul Taggines, Corporate Director of Facility Operations.

Newark CRC Passes DMHAS Audit
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