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New Employee Introductory Training Initiative A Success

Kintock is excited to share that its New Employee Introductory Training Initiative, which commenced in July, has been a resounding success.

“This new training program was developed with the aim of ensuring that our new employees receive critical training within the first two weeks of their employment, prior to attending the New Employee Orientation, thereby providing them with the knowledge and skills to excel in their new roles,” explained Deborah Oree, Corporate Director of Training at Kintock. “We are so pleased that this initiative has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who have participated,” she added.

New Approach Sets Employees Up for Success

Before the introduction of this program, new employees often had to wait for several months before receiving any formal training given that Kintock’s New Employee Orientation Training, an intensive two-week training that all employees complete within the first year of hire, is held only three times a year. “Recognizing this gap, we knew it was crucial to provide our new team members with the tools they needed to succeed right from the start,” noted Ms. Oree.

The new employee introductory training is a full-day program conducted at Kintock's corporate training center on the first and third Wednesday of each month. It covers six essential subjects that are fundamental to the success of our employees, including:

· Code of Ethics/ Standards of Conduct and Professionalism

· Communications Skills and Interpersonal Relations

· Cultural Diversity & Competency, Bias Awareness

· Crisis Intervention/Signs of Suicide Risks and Precautions

· PREA/Sexual Harassment/Assault/Abuse Prevention & Discrimination/Transgender Discrimination

· Lifestyles of the Offender Population

“Understanding how to interact with program residents is crucial to the success of our employees,” said Ms. Oree. Our training emphasizes the importance of establishing positive and respectful interactions with program residents. Understanding their needs, fostering empathy, and building strong relationships are key components,” she added.

Also important is that employees have a clear understanding of Kintock’s overall mission and company standards. “We delve into Kintock's core values, policies, and procedures, ensuring that every employee is well-versed in our organizational standards,” said Paul Taggines, Chief Operating Officer.

“Professionalism is paramount in our line of work. Employees learn how to conduct themselves with dignity, respect, and integrity, while representing Kintock's values and mission,” he added.

A Collaborative Learning Experience

Each training session is led by two experienced trainers who are committed to providing an engaging and informative learning experience. The information is presented using various learning styles, incorporating PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and interactive discussions. This diverse approach ensures that employees can absorb the material in the way that best suits their learning preferences.

Introductory Training Has Positive Impact

The feedback from employees who have completed the new introductory training has been overwhelmingly positive. They have expressed how valuable it is to receive essential information during the initial phase of their employment, enabling them to perform their roles effectively from the beginning. One employee stated that the training allowed them to better understand their role in our efforts to fulfill our mission.

Participants have also appreciated the chance to interact with peers from Kintock's various programs. This networking not only fosters a sense of community within the organization but also allows employees to learn more about the diverse services that Kintock offers.

“Kintock's New Introductory Employee Training Initiative is a significant step forward in ensuring that our new employees are well-prepared to excel in their positions from day one. We are proud to offer this comprehensive program that empowers our team members to provide the highest level of care and support to our program residents,” said Walt Simpkins, CEO.

New Employee Introductory Training Initiative A Success
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