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Kintock to Upgrade Company-wide IT Systems

The Kintock Group is pleased to announce that we are in the process of upgrading the technology infrastructure for the entire organization.  The upgrades will be implemented in phases over the next several months. The first phase in upgrading our IT systems is to increase the size and speed of our broadband voice and data lines and to replace the telephone system.

To accomplish this endeavor, Kintock has partnered with I-Core Networks, a top provider in cost-effective communications solutions, to provide us with larger broadband lines and manage the company’s voice and data connectivity.  This new telephony platform is cloud based and will include fiber lines with significant increase in bandwidth speed. The larger bandwidth lines will help to increase operational productivity of all of the company’s current network and cloud-based applications.

In the event that there is an unexpected disruption to the I-Core dedicated line, all voice and data traffic will automatically divert to Kintock’s cable modem lines to ensure that voice and data service is never disrupted.

All telephones will be replaced with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones.  Every phone will have a color display and the voice quality will be captured in high definition, which will enhance the overall clarity of phone calls.  There will also be many new or enhanced features available with the new phone system that will increase efficiency and productivity.  In addition to the new telephone hardware, all backend hardware, including switches and routers, will also be replaced.

“We are very excited to finally move forward with the implementation of our IT upgrades.  Much of our systems have not been upgraded since the late 1990’s.  The switch from an on-premise PBX telephone system to a hosted system is now becoming the standard model for most organizations,” said Gretchen Wiseman, Kintock’s Chief Administrative Officer.

Kintock to Upgrade Company-wide IT Systems
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