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Kintock Purchases Newark Property

The Kintock Group of New Jersey, Inc. is excited to announce that on September 25, 2017, the company purchased all three of the residential buildings located at 50 Fenwick Street and the CRC building located at 19 Meeker Street in Newark, NJ. Since 1994, Kintock has been providing community correctional re-entry and behavioral health treatment services at the facilities located at 50 Fenwick and 19 Meeker Streets, and leased the buildings during this period of time. Ms. DeBarri believes that the acquisition will allow Kintock greater flexibility in being able to expand our programs and services.

“I am extremely pleased that Kintock was able to purchase the Newark property this past fall and I am especially enthusiastic about the prospect of being able to expand our re-entry and behavioural treatment services and programs at the Newark complex,” said Ms. DeBarri.

The entire Newark property is comprised of an 87,690 square foot building area that is spread across three, two-story buildings. The buildings currently house clients referred by the New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC) and the New Jersey State Parole Board (NJSPB).

In addition to purchasing the Newark buildings, Kintock is also in the process of improving the buildings and property, to include but not limited to, installing new roofs, windows and a perimeter security fence. The improvements will ensure that the facilities are in top condition and able accommodate Kintock’s programs and services for years to come, while also providing heightened security for clients, staff and the local community.

Kintock Purchases Newark Property
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