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Kintock Launches New Voluntary Reentry Program in South Jersey for Recently Released Inmates

The Kintock Group of New Jersey, Inc. has launched Vantage Point, a voluntary program to provide free reentry services to support the successful reintegration of former offenders and give them a second chance at a new start in life.

Unlike Kintock's current programs, which are required as a part of post-release incarceration or as a condition of probation/parole, Vantage Point is a completely voluntary program.  It offers a customized approach to helping those formerly incarcerated. Clients are able to meet with a Reentry Specialist at locations that are convenient to where the individual lives or works, and services tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

“For more than 30 years, Kintock has partnered with government agencies to provide critical reentry treatment and education services to individuals involved in the criminal justice system and today, we are extremely excited to launch a new voluntary program that will serve individuals after their release from a NJ prison or county jail,” said Walter Simpkins, Chairman, President and CEO of The Kintock Group of New Jersey, Inc. “Previously incarcerated individuals face a myriad of obstacles in returning to their communities. We are thrilled to be able to be able to help bridge the gap between release and reintegration by offering free services to address each client’s individual reentry needs,” added Mr. Simpkins.

Vantage Point serves New Jersey individuals residing in Cumberland, Cape May and Salem counties who are within 12 months of their release from state prison or a county jail and want to work toward a better future. Program participants will meet with a Vantage Point Reentry Specialist who will provide community linkages for a variety of free services to support the individual’s successful reentry.

Among the services offered are:

· Affordable Housing Assistance

· Employment Services

· New Jersey Transit Bus Passes*

· Prepaid Cell Phones and Tablets*

· Clothing and Meal Assistance

· Education and Vocational

· Assistance

· Drug and Alcohol Counseling

· Mental Health Treatment Referrals

· Linkages for Legal Assistance,

· Family Reunification, Medicaid

· Enrollment

· Assistance Obtaining State

· Identification (Driver's License)

· Tuition Reimbursement*

Vantage Point services are made available through a partnership between the New Jersey Department of Corrections, Office of Community Engagement and Reentry Initiatives -NJLEAD Grant 2022.

Kintock Launches New Voluntary Reentry Program in South Jersey for Recently Released Inmates
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