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Kintock Awarded Contract for CRC Programs in Newark and Paterson

The Kintock Group is pleased to announce the award of a new contract to continue to operate Community Resource Center (CRC) Programs on behalf of the New Jersey State Parole Board (NJSPB). Under the new contract, Kintock will provide CRC Program services for 50 supervised offenders at the company’s Paterson site and 75 supervised offenders at its Newark complex.

Other services that will be offered through Kintock’s CRC Programs include licensed substance abuse treatment, sex offender assessment and counseling services, employment services, and referrals and supportive services to offenders under the jurisdiction of the State Parole Board and the Juvenile Justice Commission. Kintock will also provide family and domestic violence counseling, as well as aftercare services to CRC clients.

Kintock has partnered with the Parole Board since 2001 to provide CRC services in Newark and Paterson, respectively.  The new contract officially commenced on October 1, 2015 and will continue through August 2018, and may be extended for two additional years.

“We are extremely proud of the positive impact that our CRC program has had on so many individuals reentering the community. We are also honored at the Parole Board’s continued confidence in our company to provide comprehensive CRC treatment services to clients in need of these services,” said Diane DeBarri, Chairman and CEO of Kintock. “Kintock looks forward to continuing to help offenders overcome those obstacles that impede successful reentry through the provision of quality treatment and services,” she added.

Kintock is dedicated to preventing and reducing crime.  To meet this goal, Kintock’s Community Resource Center Programs have been designed to promote pro-social behavior, assist clients in making and sustaining transformative life changes, and ultimately to improve the quality of lives in our communities by reducing the re-incarceration rate of offenders.

Kintock Awarded Contract for CRC Programs in Newark and Paterson
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