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Bridgeton Residents Volunteer Efforts Benefit East Vineland Little League

Residents of Kintock’s Bridgeton residential treatment and work release program are putting into practice important steps to successful reintegration through their dedicated efforts to keep East Vineland’s Little League Baseball Fields in good condition for the local teams.

Under the supervision of a resident supervisor, five-residents report to the East Vineland Ball Field on Tuesdays from the end of March until October to assist city workers in ground maintenance that includes weeding, dragging the infield, painting, maintaining dugouts and press box,  as well as cleaning up trash on the fields and the parking lot. The Detail is supervised by a Resident Supervisor.

“Participating in this and other community service projects gives residents the opportunity to play a positive role and contribute to the community, something many residents have never done before,” explained Marcos DeJesus, Site Administrator at Kintock Bridgeton.

“The opportunity to give back to their community not only supports treatment goals, but teaches residents that they have a stake in their communities. This is a valuable realization as residents prepare to transition back into the community as productive members of society,” he added.

“This partnership has been a wonderful opportunity for East Vineland Little League. We have services provided to us that would be otherwise neglected due to our volunteers' busy work and home schedules. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to The Kintock Group for this program and the residents who service our facility for their exceptional services they provide to us,” said Jeffrey M. Bordie, President, East Vineland Little League.

The ongoing arrangement with the East Vineland Little League came about in 2014 after two staff members, Michael Kenney, Director of Operations and Frank Buczynski, Senior Operations Manager reached out to the East Vineland Little League to suggest collaborating with Kintock to allow residents to volunteer at the ball field. Under the arrangement, a group of five residents work on the ball field detail for 30-day increments.  Kintock provides transportation to and from the field, along with a Residential Supervisor to oversee their work.

“I am very pleased at the wonderful work that our residents are doing in supporting the community and look forward to continuing to partner with the East Vineland Little League in this mutually beneficial arrangement,” said Mr. DeJesus.

Bridgeton Residents Volunteer Efforts Benefit East Vineland Little League
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