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Newark Site Achieves 100% on ACA Audit

Congratulations to Newark on an amazing job during the recent ACA Audit. "The auditors had nothing but positive compliments in all areas of the facility," said Jennifer Garcia, Newark Site Administrator.

"They noted how clean and well maintained the buildings were and that every staff they spoke to in operations and programs was polite, knowledgeable, and passionate about the work they do each day," added Ms. Garcia.

"Receiving a 100% score on an ACA reaccreditation audit is not an achievement that should be taken lightly", said Paul Taggines, Chief Operating Officer. "The results of this audit are a reflection of the dedication of the entire Newark team to provide quality reentry services to all of the residents in our programs. I want to thank and congratulate everyone in Newark for a job well done," added Mr. Taggines.

Newark Site Achieves 100% on ACA Audit
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