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Kintock Participates in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

Kintock is thrilled to share the incredible experience we had participating in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program at our Erie Avenue facility in Philadelphia from January 17 – April 25 of this year. Kintock had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Temple University and engage in an educational initiative that has the power to transform lives. The Inside-Out program brings together campus-based students and incarcerated students for a semester-long course held in a prison, jail, or other correctional reentry setting, fostering meaningful connections and promoting education.

“At Kintock, we firmly believe in the power of education to break the cycle of incarceration and provide individuals with the tools necessary to build a successful future. The Inside-Out program aligns perfectly with our mission to empower and rehabilitate those in our care, offering a platform for personal growth, empathy, and mutual understanding,” said Walt Simpkins, CEO of Kintock.

Throughout the program, our facility welcomed a diverse group of Temple University students who were eager to engage with Kintock residents. This experience transcended the traditional boundaries of the classroom and challenged both groups to question preconceived notions, biases, and stereotypes.

The Inside-Out curriculum is designed to encourage dialogue, critical thinking, and collaborative learning. During the weekly discussions, participants tackled complex issues such as crime, justice, inequality, and rehabilitation.

“These in-depth conversations fostered an environment where everyone's voices were heard, regardless of their background or circumstances,” said Casey Rice, Kintock Program Director, who helped oversee the classes.

The program provided a unique space for personal reflection, encouraging self-exploration and growth for both the campus-based students and Kintock residents alike. Students had the opportunity to share their life experiences, aspirations, and hopes for the future, fostering empathy and connection among participants.

“We are incredibly proud of our facility's involvement in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program. By embracing this unique opportunity, we continue to reinforce our commitment to rehabilitation, reintegration, and empowering those in our care to make positive changes in their lives,” said Paul Taggines, Chief Operating Officer.

The success of the Inside-Out program at our Erie Avenue facility would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our staff, the support of the program founder and Executive Director, Lori Pompa, who facilitated the class, and the enthusiastic participation of both campus-based and Kintock residents.

“This experience has been transformative. I have learned what the criminal justice system is like from the perspective of people who have been on the inside, thanks to the Kintock students,” said a Temple University Student.

“I have learned a lot of good things, especially the justice system, jails, and life itself, and I know that I can start new again with all the knowledge that I have received from this program. I think there should be more programs like this to help people stay out of prison, because people do make mistakes in life and this program is a very good program to have to help people,” shared a Kintock Resident.

The Inside-Out program was founded in 1997 by Lori Pompa, a professor in the Criminal Justice Department at Temple University and since the program’s inception, more than 1,300 professors from throughout the U.S. and 13 other countries have been trained to teach Inside-Out classes and over 60,000 students have taken part in an Inside-Out class.

Kintock Participates in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program
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