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Kintock Opens New Vantage Point Location Passaic County for Recently Released Inmates

Paterson, NJ--The Kintock Group of New Jersey, Inc. is excited to announce the opening of its new location for the Vantage Point program in Paterson, a voluntary program to provide free reentry services to support the successful reintegration of former offenders and give them a second chance at a new start in life. Kintock launched its first Vantage Point program in May 2022 in South Jersey at the company’s Bridgeton location, which serves clients residing in Cumberland, Cape May, Gloucester and Salem counties. In addition, Kintock also currently offers Vantage Point services in Essex, Burlington and Mercer Counties.

“We’re thrilled be able to expand Kintock’s Vantage Point Program in New Jersey. Our aim is to address the challenges faced by formerly incarcerated individuals and make a significant impact in facilitating successful reintegration for program participants,” said Walt Simpkins, CEO of Kintock.

The North Jersey Vantage Point program is located at 100 Hamilton Plaza, Suite 1400, in the same building as Kintock’s Paterson CRC, which relocated on August 1st to Hamilton Plaza. “The program’s presence in Paterson, with its accessibility to public transportation and proximity to local businesses and community service providers, will benefit the participants by making it easier for them to access resources and opportunities,” noted Paul Taggines, COO of Kintock.

By offering free reentry services and community linkages, the Vantage Point program aims to provide comprehensive support to those returning home after incarceration.

Among the services offered are:

  • Housing/Rental Assistance

  • Employment Services

  • Tuition Assistance

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Access to Prepaid Cell Phones and Tablets

  • Clothing and Meal Assistance

  • Education and Vocational Assistance

  • Drug and Alcohol Counseling

  • Health and Wellness Assessment and Services

  • Behavioral Health Referrals

  • Assistance Obtaining State Identification

Kintock Opens New Vantage Point Location Passaic County for Recently Released Inmates
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