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Kintock Honors Victoria Shepperson’s Years of Service

Kintock would like to thank Victoria Shepperson for her dedication and hard work during her 13 years at Kintock’s Paterson Community Resource Center (CRC) and congratulates her on her recent retirement.

Victoria joined Kintock in 2008 as a Case Manager Aide and her enthusiasm and commitment to helping clients make positive changes in their lives has had a tremendous impact on the lives of the many individuals with whom she worked.

" I had the pleasure of working directly with Victoria and got to see firsthand her dedication to each and every client that she worked with at the CRC.  Her warmth and commitment garnered respect from clients and colleagues alike, and her enthusiasm and impact on clients will be missed,” said Paul Taggines, COO.

Best wishes to Victoria as she begins a new chapter in her life as a great-grandma!

Kintock Honors Victoria Shepperson’s Years of Service
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