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Kintock Announces A New Program For Individuals 55 and Older in Bridgeton

Kintock is pleased to announce the first Residential Community Release Program (RCRP) to meet the unique needs of males age 55 and older. In additional to all of the services available to all RCRP participants, Kintock’s Legacy Program will offer a variety of exclusive features, including single beds, that may be particularly appealing to the aging population.

Additional features of the Legacy Program include:

· Quieter and smaller program size of only 35 individuals.

· Maximum of 5 individuals per dorm.

· Linkages to employment opportunities to reflect interests and needs.

· Assistance with family reintegration.

· Medical follow-up and support services.

· Wellness seminars to include nutritional education and dietary management.

· Assistance with acclimating to technology.

· Fun recreational opportunities to include organized games and outdoor activities.

· Assistance with family reintegration.

“Individuals who are 55 and older often have needs that differ from younger populations and Kintock is pleased to be able to provide specialized services specifically for male inmates who are participating in work release and/or vocational training,” said Walter Simpkins, President, Chairman and CEO of Kintock.

“The transitional services offered through our Legacy Program will prepare individuals forsuccessful community reintegration,” added Paul Taggines, COO.

Kintock Announces A New Program For Individuals 55 and Older in Bridgeton
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