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Employee Spotlight: Kintock Honors Greg Bartkowski’s Years of Service

Greg Bartkowski's tenure as the Site Administrator of Kintock's Newark Complex has been characterized by his unwavering dedication. Armed with more than a decade of experience at Kintock and a distinguished career with the New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC), Greg's wealth of experience managing correctional facilities has allowed him to contribute invaluable insights to his role within the organization.

Commitment to Collaboration

One of Greg's key beliefs is that “No matter your background and what you’ve accomplished, it’s important to keep an open mind and willingness to learn from others,” says Greg, who joined Kintock in 2012 following a successful career spanning 35 years with the NJDOC.

Reflecting on his time at Kintock, Greg says he has enjoyed sharing his correctional experience and insights with staff members and appreciates the exchange of ideas that takes place within the organization. Greg recognizes the value of relying on the expertise and insights of his colleagues emphasizing the significance of collaboration and the open exchange of information.

Greg also understands the transformative potential of community corrections and reentry programs, which are at the core of Kintock's mission. He takes pride in contributing to the organization's efforts to prepare individuals to transition back into society, offering them hope and an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Building Strong Relationships

During his time at Kintock, Greg has overseen the daily operations of the residential programs in Newark, ensuring contract compliance and maintaining a high standard of care in collaboration with the NJDOC, the New Jersey State Parole Board and the Bureau of Prisions. He has spearheaded the implementation of enhanced security measures, prioritizing the safety and well-being of residents and staff. Greg has also played a crucial role in streamlining facility expenditures, resulting in cost reductions that allowed for building upgrades and improved functionality.

Walter Simpkins, CEO of Kintock, acknowledges Greg Bartkowski's invaluable experience, dedication, and commitment to personal and professional growth, noting that they have left a lasting impact on the organization.

Greg says among the most rewarding accomplishments have been witnessing the positive impact on residents' lives. Seeing individuals return from jobs with smiles on their faces, knowing that employment provides them with purpose and hope, brings him great satisfaction.

As Greg prepares for his retirement in June, he reflects on the aspects of his work at Kintock that he will miss the most. The camaraderie, support, and shared mission among his administration and team have made his time at Kintock truly fulfilling.

When asked for advice for those interested in this field of work, Greg emphasizes the importance of listening to staff and being open to their suggestions. He believes that effective leadership is rooted in a receptive approach that allows for collaboration and growth.

Upon retiring at the end of June, Greg plans to relax and spend quality time with his wife in South Jersey. He also looks forward to visiting his grandchildren in Florida and Rhode Island, as well as indulging in leisurely travel. As a passionate sports fan, he intends to embark on day trips and continue cheering on his favorite teams, such as the Phillies.

Employee Spotlight:  Kintock Honors Greg Bartkowski’s Years of Service
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